Aaggjhh -___- I hate myself why can’t I get over it

Even though I’ve been in my grandmas house like one million times, I feel really uncomfortable here and want to go home so badly

It’s so so hard to watch

ALSO mutuals is anyone in London who wants to meet up and go shopping or for coffee or something this summer…..

HEY I’m in london



*british person voice* “americans drive on the wrong side of the road”


really? because the majority of the world seems to disagree

finally america didnt fuck something up and call it good.

k but like me, my whole family and the majority of the people I know -here in britain- say ‘the other side of the road’

Escape the……

Facebook furry conversion programme

DAMN.. This is important for art trade people: my grandmother just had a knee operation and is so poorly that we have to go to London and look after her then next week my cousins come from the us and we will be there another week! That means two weeks away from my tablet… I’m going to have to draw you a bunch of traditional stuff until I get home and can finish the real things ;w; sorry!!!

hey you alright? do you need something to cheer you up because i have so many pictures of cute bats and cats that you will be happy for LIFE


Today I will draw candy a bunch and do my art trades:3